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Hinduism - What Is Vimarsha?


 (“reflection”) Vimarsha is one of the bipolar opposites used to define the essence of all reality in Hindu tantra, a secret, ritual-based religious practice, with its counterpart being illumi country (prakasha).

These two concepts are especially significant in the formation of the world, which is believed to occur when the ultimate Brahman's pure and radiant awareness (prakasha) becomes self-conscious via the reflection (vimarsha) of this original consciousness.

The absolute transforms from a single awareness into a dual divinity—the deity Shiva and his spouse Shakti—whose ongoing interaction creates the universe.

This prakasha vimarsha dyad is especially essential in Kashmiri Shaivism's Trika school.

Jaideva Singh, Pratyabhijnanahrdayam, 1982, is a good source of knowledge.

~Kiran Atma

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