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Basti Kriya - Hatha Yoga Shat Karma

The ‘Basti' exercise is designed to function like a ‘enema,' allowing the buildup of feces in the intestinal canal to be passed out. There are two types of Sthala Basti: Jala Basti and Sthala Basti.


Lie down on the ground and grasp your toes with your fingertips. Knees should not be bent. 

This is the same as Paschimottanasana, but you don't have to drop your head to your feet. 

Expel the water by churning the abdominal and dominal muscles in this position. It helps to heal uriter muscles. Sthala Basti is my name.


It does better than Sthala Basti. Take a five-inch bamboo tube and cut it in half. Vaseline, grease, or soap should be used to lubricate one end of it. In Utkatasana, sit in a pool of water or a tank of water up to your knees. 2 to 3 inches into the anus, insert the bamboo tube.

Initiate the anus by slowly drawing the water into the intestines. Expel the water by shaking the abdominal muscles. It treats bladder problems, dropsy, constipation, among other issues. 

This is not something you can do every day or make a habit of. This is mainly to be seen on rare occasions. 

Do this first thing in the morning before eating. If you don't know how to pull water from the tubing, you can use a regular syringe from the store. You can learn how to extract water from the anus with the aid of the bamboo. 

However, water is forced into the enema syringe with the aid of oxygen. The only distinction is the outcome, which is the same in all scenarios. You can save money by using the bamboo cable.

You can control the intestinal muscles by commanding the water to be drawn in and pushed out.

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