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Hinduism - How Deeply Has The Monsoon Influenced Hindu Culture, Life, Mythology, Resilience, And Mentality?


A season marked by severe rainfall and named from an Arabic term that means "season" (mausam).

The monsoon is preceded by a period of extreme heat, with daily temperatures reaching above 100°F.

As the hot air rises, it pulls in a large circulation of wet air from southern India's coastal areas.

The monsoon is one of the three primary seasons of the year, and it plays an important role in people's everyday life.

The monsoon rains are critical to agriculture in India since most of the country's cropland is not irrigated.

In addition to being eagerly anticipated in real life, the arrival of the monsoon is also celebrated in Indian culture.

A lady nervously monitoring the sky, watching the clouds roll up as she awaits the return of her lover, is one picture of the monsoon that comes from love poetry.

Rains made travel almost difficult in former times, making it a bittersweet time for separated lovers but a pleasant and joyous time for joined couples.

In the epic Meghaduta by the poet Kalidasa, a man exiled in southern India addresses one of the monsoon clouds, giving it a message to convey to his sweetheart.

The deity Krishna is also linked to the monsoon showers.

His black complexion had the appearance of a rain cloud.

In addition, his birthday falls towards the conclusion of the rainy season, and his heavenly character corresponds to the picture of the rain lover.

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