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Parapsychology - What Is Aaron's Rod?


A magical wand based on the biblical story of Moses and Aaron's rods, which were employed in the marvels of parting the Red Sea and causing water to spring from a rock in the desert. 

Aaron's rod morphed into a snake when he threw it in front of Pharaoh and his magicians (Exodus 7), hence the esoteric usage of Aaron's Rod with a serpent image.

According to Jewish folklore, Aaron's rod was created on the sixth day of Creation and was kept by Adam when he left the Garden of Eden, eventually passing through a series of patriarchs.

According to an apocryphal Christian tale, the rod was cut from the Tree of Knowledge, ultimately falling into Judas' hands, and finally becoming the cross beam on which Christ was crucified.

The hazel wand used by water diviners in dowsing is reminiscent of Aaron's rod in the wilderness, which found water.

A wand of some kind has long been a symbol of power.

The wand is also used by contemporary conjuring magicians as a magical staff.