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Hinduism - What Is A Hypogamous Marriage Or Pratiloma In A Hindu Society?


 A marriage in which the wife comes from a group with higher social status than the husband.

Such marriages were strictly forbidden in the dharma literature, and this prohibition illustrates the role of women in determining a group’s social status.

It is deemed acceptable for women to marry people of higher social status (hypergamous marriage), because it is believed that they are improving the status of their group by becoming associated with a higher status group.

Marriage to a man of lower status was strictly forbidden, since the exchange of women implies some sort of equality between the two groups, and thus drags the community’s status down.

In the dharma literature, hypogamous marriage was known as pratiloma, “against the hair” (i.e., in an unnatural direction).

For further information see Jadunath Sarkar, A History of the Dasanami Naga Sanyasis, 1958.

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