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Hinduism - What Is Putrada Ekadashi?

The eleventh day (ekadashi) of the bright (waxing) half of the lunar month of Shravan (July–August) and the eleventh day of the brilliant (waxing) half of the lunar month of Paush (December–January) are religious observances that occur twice a year.

These are devoted to the deity Vishnu, as are all eleventh-day observances.

Most Hindu holidays have mandated ceremonies, which generally include fasting (upavasa) and devotion, and frequently promise particular rewards if they are followed faithfully.

Following the ekadashi ceremonies on these days is said to result in the birth of a son (putra), which is a key worry in Indian culture.

Sons are required in this world and the next, not just to care for their aging parents, but also to carry out specific ancestral ceremonies after death.

The fact that this specific ekadashi happens twice throughout the year—the only ekadashi to do so—evidences the power of this longing for sons.

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