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Hinduism - Who Is Vinobha Bhave?

Vinobha Bhave (1895–1982) Bhave was a social and religious reformer whose fundamental beliefs were influenced by his lengthy connection with Mohandas K. Gandhi, whom he became a disciple of in 1916. 

Bhave was a close friend of Gandhi's throughout the freedom movement, and he was especially taken with Gandhi's concept of rural self-sufficiency. 

  • He went across India on foot in the years following independence to meet the people. 
  • On one of these tours, he founded the Bhoodan (“land gift”) organization, whose goal was to secure land contributions for the impoverished. 
  • Bhave dedicated most of his post-independence life to village development, particularly via the Sarvodaya ("welfare of everyone") movement, which aimed to address issues by communal participation and service to one another.

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