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Hinduism - What Is The Narada Smrti?


One of the smrtis, or "remembered" texts, a kind of literature that is considered important but not as authoritative as the shrutis, or "heard" scriptures.

This smrti is attributed to the sage Narada and is an example of one of the Dharma Shastras, which were textbooks that prescribed principles for proper human conduct and ideal social behavior.

Unlike the Dharma Sutras, which are attributed to real people, the Dharma Shastras are frequently attributed to mythological sages, which is a method employed to strengthen the authority of these books.

There are various versions of the Narada Smrti, one of which is much longer than the others.

Because the Manu Smrti (1st c. B.C.E.?) is referenced in the prologue, all of the versions were written 10 years later.

The administration of justice (vyavahara) is the only subject of Narada's book, which is treated in exhaustive detail with a strong focus on clarity and accuracy.

~Kiran Atma

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