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Hinduism - What Is Pushpa? How Are Pushpas A Part Of Hindu Ritual And Worship?


"Pushpa" means "flower" in Sanskrit.

The tenth of sixteen traditional upacharas ("offerings") made as part of devotion to a god.

The god is given flowers in this offering (based on the principle of treating the deity as an honored guest), which are treasured both for their color and aroma.

The actual act of giving may be done in a variety of ways, depending on the preferences of the worshiper.

Flowers will be put on the god's image or a garland hung around its neck in certain situations, with the understanding that the deity has taken them; in other cases, flowers will be placed on the deity's image or a garland draped around its neck.

The underlying aim in both cases is to demonstrate love and respect for the god and to cater to its needs as if it were a live person.

This specific gesture of respect and affection may be extended to other people; for example, showering a person with flowers is a statement of great regard or congrats.

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