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Hinduism - What Is Madhurya Bhava?


("Honeyed") Rupa Goswami, a devotee (bhakta) of the deity Krishna and a disciple of the Bengali saint Chaitanya, defined the second of five ways of devotion to God.

To depict the link between devotee and divine, Rupa exploited human ties.

From the serene (shanta) experience that comes from realizing one's total identification with Brahman or Ultimate Reality, to conceiving of God as one's master, friend, child, or lover, the five modes indicated increasing emotional intensity.

The Madhurya Bhava is the last and most intensive of the five devotional forms.

Devotees in this style see their connection with the divine as that of a lover and a beloved.

This method was especially dominant when it came to the deity Krishna (whose model worshippers were the Braj cowherd women) and Radha (who is a symbol for the human soul.) Because of its emotional proximity, this style is regarded as the most intense and demanding.

It is also regarded as the sweetest for the same reason.

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