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Paganism & Wicca - Who Are Cunning Folk, Or A Cunning Man, Or A Cunning Woman?

Traditional British folk magic practitioners, British magical practitioners, or witchdoctors; the term literally means "knowledgeable ones." 

  • Their practice is akin to British Hoodoo, and much of British folk magic has been adopted into American folk magic. 
  • Spirituality is undervalued: this tradition coexists with (or without) any spiritual system. 
  • The focus is on usability, customer service, and practical magic. 
  • Many clever people were hereditary practitioners, however it's unclear whether they "inherited" their abilities or just followed in their parents' footsteps (as did so many others). 
  • Being the seventh son or daughter was a sign of great strength. 
  • Divination, hex-breaking, and healing were among her specialties. 

The popularity of cunning folk peaked in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, but they still exist today.

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