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Hinduism - Where Is Rishikesh In India?


Rishikesh  is a city and a holy location (tirtha) in Uttar Pradesh's Himalayan foothills.

Rishikesh is around fifteen miles up the Ganges River from Haridwar, India's holiest city.

Rishikesh, like many other places along the Ganges, is known mainly as a bathing (snana) destination, but it is also known as a haven for ascetics, notably at the ashrams in the region near Lakshman Jhula.

Rishikesh is also unique as a spiritual destination for having no specific charter myth.

According to legend, here is where the deity Rama kills numerous demons, allowing the sages to perform their offerings without interference.

According to another legend, here is where Rama does penance (prayashchitta) for slaying the demon-king Ravana.

In a third myth, Rishikesh is the location where a sage called Raibhya sees the divinity Vishnu.

Rama's brother Bharata is commemorated at Rishikesh's most renowned temple.

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