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Hinduism - What Is Bhramargit?

Bhramargit is a Sanskrit word that means “songs to the bee.” 

Krishna's devotional poetry has a poetic genre set after Krishna has gone to claim his kingdom in Mathura and will never return. 

  • The tale depicts Krishna sending his friend Uddhava back to Braj with a message for the gopis, Krishna's beloved companions who are almost crazy with yearning because of his absence. 
  • Uddhava comforts the gopis by asking them not to think about Krishna's bodily absence. 

Uddhava goes on to say that since Krishna is the all-pervading deity, he will always be among them, even though he isn't apparent. 

  • The gopis scornfully reject Uddhava's ideas in the bhramargit verses, claiming that this vision of Krishna is abstract, lifeless, and only appropriate for people who have never seen Krishna in his actual form. 
  • The name of the genre is derived from the story's first appearance in the Bhagavata Purana. 
  • The gopis express their grievances over Krishna's absence to a huge black bee, whom they mistake for Krishna in their fury and loneliness.

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