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Hinduism - Who Are The Naga In Hindu Mythology?



Naga is a Sanskrit  word for "noble" (2) The Nagas are a group of minor divinities who take the shape of serpents in Hindu mythology.

Vasuki is their ruler.

Nagas are often considered to be the gods of a given location in popular Hinduism.

Nagas are said to reside in springs, ponds, and other tiny bodies of water, and are often connected with fertility and fecundity.

Nagas are often depicted as minor protecting deities in Buddhist and Jain imagery.

A sitting person shad owned by a "umbrella" of Nagas is frequent.

Although this is rare in Hindu imagery, it is possible that remains of this may be seen in the iconography of the deity Shiva, who is often pictured wearing snakes as decorations and holy thread.

~Kiran Atma

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