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Paganism & Wicca - What Does Fascinate Mean?

Originally, the word "fascinate" meant "bewitch" or "allure." 

“To transfix and remain entranced by means of overpowering power,” according to another definition.

Snakes and weasels were traditionally thought to fascinate their victim, who were riveted, immobilized, and unable to flee after making deadly eye contact with the predator. 

The word "fascinate" comes from Fascinus, a Roman god who had the ability to reject and counteract the Evil Eye's powers. Fascinus was the antithesis of the Evil Eye. 

  • His ability had the opposite effect: he could resurrect barren ladies and make fresh shoots sprout from dried-up withering vegetation. 
  • A phallus was used to represent Fascinus, and phallus amulets were used to access his strength and protection. 
  • Phallic amulets, similar to contemporary mobiles or wind chimes, were placed above entrances with bells and messages like "Here lives happiness!" 
  • Examples have been discovered in the Pompeii ruins. 
  • The tradition of putting protecting phalluses on dwellings persisted until the Middle Ages, and was even seen on church walls.


ANIMALS - Ferrets (Polecats) and Weasels, as well as Snakes, may be associated with this term.

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