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Hinduism - Who Is Bharavi?

Bharavi (6th c. C.E.) is a Sanskrit playwright who is most known for writing the drama Kiratarjuniya. 

The meeting of the deity Shiva, disguised as the tribal hunter Kirata, and the warrior-hero Arjuna is depicted in this drama. 

  • Arjuna is one of the five Pandava brothers, the epic Mahabharata's heroes. Arjuna is the greatest warrior in Hindu mythology, yet he is also plagued with pride. 
  • The play depicts how the haughty Arjuna is humbled by this tribal hunter, who would be considered a low-status individual in today's society. 
  • Shiva, on the other hand, shows his real appearance to Arjuna and blesses him for his bravery in the end.

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