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Hinduism And Hindu Theology - Who Is Akhyati Prabhakara?

Akhyati Prabhakara, a member of the Purva Mimamsa philosophical school, proposed an error theory in the seventh or eighth century C.E. 

All of the theories of error seek to explain why individuals make mistakes in judgment, such as mistaking a seashell's silvery flash for a chunk of silver. 

  • This mistake, according to Prabhakara, stems from a lack of clear distinctions. 
  • The individual links two basic judgements, "that item is silvery" and "silver is silvery," without question. 
  • Both of these assertions are correct on their own; 
  • What is incorrect is their integration into the complicated judgment, "that item is silver." 
  • The issue, according to Prabhakara, isn't with the basic impressions provided by perception (pratyaksha) or memory—both of which are correct—but with their unthinking association, in which the mind fails to realize that alternative judgements are conceivable. 

See Bijayananda Kar, The Theories of Error in Indian Philosophy, 1978, and Karl H. Potter (ed. ), Presuppositions of India's Philosophies, 1972, for further details.

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