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Hinduism - What Is The Gyan Vapi Temple/Well/Pool At Benares?

Gyan Vapi ("knowledge pool"). The only remaining element of the ancient Vishvanath temple in Benares is a well.

The temple was one of the most revered Hindu locations in ancient India, and its name relates to the deity Shiva in his incarnation as Vishvanath, "Lord of the Universe." In 1669, the Moghul emperor Aurangzeb's forces demolished the temple and replaced it with a mosque.

Although the demolition of the temple is often depicted as an act of Muslim iconoclasm, according to Gyan Vapi's narrative, Aurangzeb may have meant it as a political message to punish local opposition.

The figure of Shiva as Vishvanath was thrown into the well to safeguard it from sacrilege, according to local mythology, and it remains there to this day. 

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