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Hinduism - Where Is Deogarh(Uttar Pradesh)?

Small town in Uttar Pradesh's extreme south, seventy miles south of Jhansi, in a portion of the state almost totally encircled by Madhya Pradesh. 

It is known as the location of one of the few remaining temples from the Gupta dynasty, a fifth-century temple dedicated to Vishnu as the Dashavatar ("Ten Incarnations"), one of the few surviving temples from the Gupta dynasty. 

The temple is a masonry cube approximately twenty feet on each side, topped with a destroyed tower that would have been around forty feet tall when it was built. 

This temple bears little similarity to subsequent Hindu temples due to its small size and square design. 

Its superb carvings, however, foreshadow subsequent architecture: pictures carved in panels on the side walls, surrounding the temple's single entryway, and on friezes at the top of the walls. 

The depiction of divine figures in these carvings is similar to that done centuries later, indicating that the pictures used to symbolize these deities were already set when the temple was established. 

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