Created in the south of Austria 1998, this is one of the most kaleidoscopically weird fests around – and has since helped redefine the genre of body-painting into the art-form it is today. 

The World Bodypainting Festival hosts artists and models from over 40 different countries, all of whom do their best to shock and entertain visitors at the world championships for bodypainters.

Artists compete in the following categories: Brush/Sponge, Airbrush, Creative Make-up, Special-effects Make-up, Face Painting and the UV Award. 

Themes such as Artificial Intelligence are selected each year to help with the judging process.

Of course, the human body has been used as a canvas by people and from all across the world for thousands of years. 

From make-up to tattoos, basically every culture in history has painted and adorned themselves in some form of celebration or ritual.

Both male and female models are selected by the artists. 

It is a regulation that models must be wearing underpants while painted and female models have the option to go topless if they wish. 

The vast majority of models are unpaid and volunteer to take part in this unique, transformational experience. 

Creating living breathing art takes patience, skill and a great deal of concentration. 

At the end of each day the human art-forms parade down the catwalk while photographers jostle for position in order to capture the perfect shot. 

There is big money at stake for the top three photos and award-winning artists.

Speaking of photos, here are some stunning ones from this year's festival, so you can see just how psychedelic this body art truly is. Prepare to be wowed.