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Hinduism - Where Is Guruvayur In India? What Is The Mythology Associated With Guruvayur?

Sacred location (tirtha) in the Thrussoor district of Kerala, India's southernmost state, located just inland from the Arabian Sea.

Guruvayur is well known for a temple dedicated to the deity Vishnu, who is worshipped as Krishna, and whose primary picture depicts Krishna as a young child barely beyond baby hood.

The picture at Guruvayur was originally in Krishna's fabled kingdom in Dwaraka, on the Arabian Sea in the northern Indian state of Gujarat, according to the temple's charter story.

Guru, the planet Jupiter, and Vayu, the deity of wind, preserved the picture from destruction when Dwaraka was ravaged by floods.

The image was transported to Kerala by these two deities, and the town was called Guruvayur in their honor.

The fabled charter of Guruvayur also mentions the site's ability to treat diseases like rheumatism and leprosy.

This therapeutic capacity has been more popular in recent times, not only among those suffering from rheumatism, skin illnesses, and other ailments, but also among childless women desiring children and pregnant women seeking a smooth birth and a happy kid. 

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