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Hinduism - Where Is The Nilachal Hill In India?


Nilachal Hill is a sacred location (tirtha) overlooking the Brahmaputra River, some six miles outside Guwahati in the contemporary state of Assam.

Nilachal Hill is famous for its temple dedicated to the goddess Kamakhya, one of India's most powerful goddesses.

This is one of the Shakti Pithas, a network of Goddess-sanctuary places that stretches throughout the Indian subcontinent.

Each Shakti Pitha commemorates the location where a piece of the goddess Sati's severed body fell to earth and took on the shape of a new goddess.

Sati's vulva is reported to have fallen to earth at the Kamakhya temple; the goddess's image is a natural gap in the rock around which the temple has been erected.

Kamakhya is particularly powerful since it comes from the most sexually stimulated portion of the female anatomy.

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