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What ailments does Reiki cure?

Reiki is effective in treating a wide range of harmful symptoms and illnesses. Minor physical conditions like bee stings, stomach aches, fever, and colds, as well as significant physical conditions like cancer, heart disease, and leukemia, are among them. Reiki can also help with anxiety and stress, as well as other physical and behavioral issues.

Reiki can also help to mitigate or remove the harmful effects of conventional psychiatric therapies, such as post-operative exhaustion and pain, as well as chemotherapy side effects. It will also speed up the recovery process and shorten the time spent in the hospital.

Reiki has proven to be beneficial in a variety of situations. In reality, several people who have received Reiki therapy have reported full recovery, which has been verified by medical testing taken before and after the treatment.

Reiki has the potential to work magic with certain clients, but this cannot be guaranteed. The real hope of a Reiki therapy is stress relief as well as change of a person's psychological and physical state.

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Is it necessary to miss seeing a normal doctor in order to get Reiki treatment?

A individual who needs to get Reiki therapy should not have to miss visiting their doctor. This is due to the fact that Reiki should be used in combination with conventional therapeutic or medicinal therapies.

Most Reiki practitioners, particularly if the client has a psychiatric or physical problem, will consider seeing a qualified health care provider in addition to Reiki therapy sessions.

Reiki may be used in conjunction with any other treatment process, including surgery, drugs, complementary medicine, and psychological therapy.

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Is Reiki something that anyone can learn?

Reiki is a basic procedure that is being learned by a growing number of people of all ages, genders, and nationalities. To practice Reiki, you don't need any previous experience in yoga, healing, or any form of preparation. 

This is due to the fact that it is learned in an unconventional way, in which the Reiki energy is transferred to the pupil by a practitioner in a mechanism known as attunement. 

When a student accepts an attunement, he or she is still capable of doing Reiki. 

As the soothing Reiki energy continues to circulate, the student may already position his or her hands to treat himself or another person.

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In a Reiki course, how many stages are there?


A Reiki teaching based on the Usui or Tibetan Reiki method has four stages. There are four levels: first, second, intermediate, and master.

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Is it possible for children to learn Reiki?

As long as they are old enough to comprehend the Reiki system's ideas, even children will learn Reiki. Reiki treatment is also prescribed for infants.

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Where does Reiki energy come from?


Reiki energy is typically viewed as a subtle energy distinct from other forms of physical energy such as chemical or electrical energy. Reiki energy comes from a higher source. The Greater Power exists in a plane that is greater than the real universe we are familiar with.

When Reiki energy is precognitively experienced, it can seem to descend from above, approaching the top of a Reiki practitioner's head.

The energy may then appear to flow through the practitioner's body and out of the practitioner's hands. The true source of Reiki energy, on the other hand, is found inside oneself. The energy is derived from a transcendental aspect of oneself that is interconnected to an endless stream of healing energy.

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Is Reiki regarded as a type of religion?

Reiki is a sacred practice, but it is not considered a faith. For one thing, members of the Reiki technique are not required to alter their moral or theological values.

Practitioners have the right to uphold their views and make choices based on their moral convictions and traditions.

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What is the procedure for administering a Reiki treatment?


Reiki energy travels from a practitioner's hands to the recipient in a basic procedure. Reiki sessions are usually given while the client is lying down on a massage table, but they may also be given while the client is standing or sitting.

The customer is fully dressed in the procedure. The practitioner uses different hand positions to guide his or her hands on the client's body. The practitioner usually wraps his or her hands around the client's back, stomach, legs, and feet. Based on the client's preferences, the doctor may also use more specialized roles.

Each location is kept for 3 to 10 minutes at a minimum. This, too, is dependent on how much Reiki energy the individual needs. A normal care can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 12 hours.

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Reiki Meditation to Heal the Karmic Past

When you need to repair deeper emotional wounds and family dynamics that have you stuck in toxic loops and routines, this meditation will help. This meditation can be used as frequently as needed, but it is recommended that you use it every day for at least two weeks to help you overcome deeper emotional problems in your life.

1. Sit or lie down to begin your meditation. Help your low back and hips with whatever pillows or bolsters you need.

2. With a quick gassho, bring your mind to your breathing and express gratitude for your recovery with Reiki concepts.

3. Invoke Reiki and Universal life-force energies to assist you on your healing journey.

4. Seek advice and help from the spirit guides and all other Universe-wide Masters of Healing.

5. When you inhale and exhale, close your eyes and let go of the pain in your body. Take a few moments to think about this.

6. When you relax, use your third eye to sense Reiki energies flowing through your crown and across your whole body.

Allow it to reach your palms and soles, grounding you and training you to heal the past.

7. Either put your hands on either side of your root chakra on either side of your hips, or place them at the very tops of your thighs, as close to your root chakra as possible (your root chakra is at the base of your spine).

8. Visualize Reiki energy beaming to your red root chakra through the layers of your skin, tissue, muscle, and bone. Spend some time visualizing this soothing force flowing from your root to you.

9. Allow something that has to come up to come up. You could see sparks of light, photographs of someone's face, or a recollection from the past. You can experience a wide range of feelings and feel tempted to weep or be angry. Allow the emotions and sensations to escalate rather than avoiding them.

10. As you become aware of the challenges that are arising, see Reiki energies emanating from your hands and connecting to certain thoughts or images. Allow the light energies to dissolve any past issues or karmic wounds that are rising to the surface of your root chakra.

11. Give yourself plenty of time to enjoy this meditative section. You may see family members you met as a kid or an incident you had in your third eye. You can experience emotions unrelated to a particular picture. Allow the Reiki energies to beam light and love through the palms of the hands and through the root chakra, wherever it manifests.

12. Encourage your hands to rest by your sides and breathe for many seconds while you know there is nothing left to overcome.

13. After removing energy from the root chakra, allow your hands to fly to another chakra and do the same acts as you did with the root chakra.

Allow the Reiki field to show you what you need to heal, and keep going before you're told to stop.

14. Return to your comfortable seat and take a few deep breaths.

15. When you're ready, end the meditation and give Reiki a gassho of appreciation.

This can be a powerful cleansing and purging experience. After that, be careful with yourself and your energy by going for a stroll or listening to calming music while sipping a cup of tea. Meditation can be used to Awaken the Light Channels. This final meditation will show you how to spark the entire chakra structure in a unique way. This is excellent for spiritual awakening as well as balancing the whole system for overall wellbeing and satisfaction.

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What is the sensation of receiving a Reiki treatment?


During a Reiki session, each person has a distinct perception or sensation. Clients who receive a Reiki session, on the other hand, would undoubtedly feel deeply relaxed. The most of the time, clients fall asleep during the procedure.

Many clients who have had a Reiki session reported feeling surrounded by and floating through a glowing radiance. 

Furthermore, the Reiki aura facilitates the release of all terror, anxiety, stress, and other stressful emotions, resulting in a sense of well-being and calm.

Others appear to be able to leave their body and have supernatural dreams or hallucinations.

A customer will undoubtedly feel refreshed after the therapy session and will have a more relaxed and optimistic attitude.

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Affirmations for Reiki Healing

Affirmations are a quick and effective healing method. There are no complex formulas, symbols, or techniques to deal with. This is why it is one of the simplest techniques to use in your everyday life while also having a significant effect.

Chanting is one of the ways to use affirmations to cure. Chanting is a religious tradition that is practiced all over the world. Simply saying those terms with full confidence has the ability to imbue them with electricity. This is why, if you have the opportunity, you can consider chanting your affirmation like a chant.

Charge a glass of water or a crystal that you will take with you all day with the confirmation chant. You should also write the affirmation on paper and cover it with a bottle of water. When filled with the affirmation, this water may be consumed or sprayed around your space.

Another approach is to use Reiki more often. Write your affirmation on paper, and use your hands to do Reiki over it. You may either hold the affirmation paper or place your hands over it. Having a glass of water on the table would also suffice. Now, hover over this bottle with your hands. When you recite the declaration, invoke Reiki and the symbolism associated with it. When moving your hands across the water, try visualizing the result of your affirmation. This will also charge the bottle of water with optimistic energy, allowing you to drink it during the day.

Affirmation meditation is a beneficial and balanced exercise. Every day, set aside time to meditate on your desired outcome. Take a few deep breaths and sit in a quiet spot. Start singing the affirmation while closing your eyes.

Consider the result you want to achieve. Visualize it taking place. This is a strong mechanism that can reinforce your confidence in the affirmation's ability to manifest.

Another great solution is to use crystals. Choose the right crystal for your needs and cleanse it before using it. Crystals harvest energy from anything they come into touch with, so make sure the one you're using is cleansed for your needs. Keep the stone in your hands and charge it with Reiki. When you keep the crystal, concentrate on repeating the affirmation with full focus. Direct your affirmation into the stone, and the energies from your third-eye chakra will be manifested. Visualize a white light beaming into the crystal from your chakra. So imagine what will happen as a result of your confirmation. Use and holding this charged crystal in a holy place. You may even decide to keep it on your person at all times.

Many of the methods mentioned above are just a few of your choices.

Affirmations can help you recover in a variety of ways. The first sentence of your affirmation should be a strong and substantive sentence. This does not mean it has to be a long and complicated sentence; rather, it should be a simple and straightforward one. Consider whether you intend to manifest before using it as an endorsement.

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Meditations to Assist You with Reiki Alignment


The led meditations below will assist you in addressing your own energy healing needs. Whether or not you've been attuned to Reiki, you should start using the beliefs, pillars, and other resources of the system to properly match yourself with channeling the energies all around you for healing purposes. Through these basic guidance and meditations, you will provide yourself with all of the healing efforts that you need.

You'll need a peaceful and relaxing environment for all of these meditation sessions to help you feel close to your energies and have an undisturbed feeling of relaxation and relief. To build the calming aura all around you, turn on some soothing music and light some incense and candles.

Some people choose to sit in a chair or cross-legged on the floor, while others choose to lay back on a floor mat or other comfortable furniture. Choose a location where you can be more concentrated and relaxing.

These three guided meditations are intended to be used on a daily basis to aid in your own recovery. Using them just once or twice will not have long-term benefits, and you will need to use them on a daily basis if you want to see results.

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Reiki Meditation To Heal the Auric Field


This practice is intended to assist you in focusing on the energetic body's auras. You should adapt it to your own procedures or just obey the instructions.

Start with a Mu-Shin gassho in a relaxed position.

On your head from the crown, recite the 5 Reiki Principles.

  1. I won't be concerned for the time being.
  2. I'm not going to get upset today.
  3. For the time being, I can do my job frankly.
  4. Only for today, I'll be grateful for all of my blessings.
  5. For the rest of today, I would be kind to all living things.

For a few times, take some deep breaths in and out to center yourself.

Try to breathe normally by closing your eyes.

Look at the auric area from your third eye and get to see the color and light. Try not to make assumptions on what it might be like; instead, focus on what it is telling you.

Enable yourself to explore if there is something noticeable that seems to be unwelcome, needless, harmful, or damaging to your energies while you begin to concentrate on your auric area. 

Dark spots, shadowy blocks, figures, locations, or objects may all be culprits. Keep in mind that Reiki helps you to actively see into your subconscious, so you'll want to just let whatever pops up exist.

Start focusing on the palms of your hands and the crown of your head until you've found a mystery feature or many. Visualize light energy entering your head and spreading across your whole body.

Allow the light from your crown to continue to shine through the palms of your hands. Start to lead your hands to the areas of your auric field that have some spots that require healing until you see that light flowing through your fingertips.

Place your healing hands gently over the area in your auric field that you remember. Send Reiki energies to the location and sit there until you're able to go on to the next.

Continue doing this until you've eliminated or cleared all of your "aura spots."

Examine the auric field again to ensure that all dark spots or particles have been released (again it could appear as something not described here).

Allow your hands to relax next to you on the floor if you're lying down, or on your lap if you're sitting, until anything has been removed.

Now imagine a golden light shining through your crown. When it fills the whole body, it sparkles and shimmers.

Allow this golden light to seep through your skin and through your auric fields, all the way to the causal layer.

Enable this golden light to occupy the entire energetic room for many breaths.

Present a Mu-shin gassho when you're ready, thank the Reiki for leading you, and exit the meditation.

Drink a glass of water and take a few moments to focus on your experience.

Use this meditation a few times per week to jumpstart the self-healing process.

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Reiki Affirmations

An optimistic sentence that affects both the conscious and subconscious mind is known as an affirmation. Repeating an affirmation may assist in its manifestation. It would make you manifest your dreams even easier if you imagine and reiterate your affirmation on a regular basis. Affirmations combined with Reiki will provide a more profound effect.

In your life, positivity is extremely essential. People will most likely advise you to keep a good attitude at all times while assuring you that everything will be perfect.

This is about more than just words. Positive energies and emotions can be extremely strong. When you concentrate on the negative aspects of your life and your negative emotions, they will manifest.

As a consequence, thinking and behaving favorably will aid in the manifestation of good outcomes in your life. I'm not claiming that just saying you'll get a luxury car the next day will result in a miracle; however, if that car is what you want, include it in your confirmation statement.

Reiki will assist you in obtaining your vehicle if you perform Reiki and reiterate this affirmation over time. You may be perplexed as to how this is possible. Ok, you know what you want when you concentrate on the car or something else.

Reiki and yoga will assist you in shifting your outlook and living a more meaningful life. This will allow you to be focused and work tirelessly before you reach your target of purchasing the vehicle. This is how the law of attraction can work for you. Your energy and emotions are concentrated on those when you keep lamenting your poor luck or something unpleasant.

This depletes the constructive energies needed to live a more fulfilling life. Can you make out some of what I'm doing now?

Negative feelings can emerge at any time and can be very overwhelming; but, through Reiki, you can gain power of these thoughts and transform them into more constructive ones. Bad feelings can never outnumber the positive ones. You'll need to keep your chakras balanced, live a safe lifestyle, and perform Reiki on a daily basis to do this.

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Reiki Hand Positions for Physical Healing


The Eyes and Vision

Reiki should be used to cure any eye problems, such as cataracts or glaucoma. Take a paper napkin and place it over your eyes. Moving your fingertips over the eyes and then to the side of the head is a good way to start. Then, with your thumbs, pass them to the back of your head.

Some patients will only need a few sessions to recover from their illness, and others may need months. It is recommended that you do this for at least fifteen minutes per day to see progress.

Nose or Sense of Smell

Here's how to apply Reiki to the area around your nose.

Cover the nose with a cloth napkin while keeping the nostrils open.

Move the hands over the cheeks, then the cheekbones, then the forehead, and finally the top of the head.

Sense of hearing

Place your hands on your ears and close your eyes. In each ear, place a finger. Place your hand behind the patient's ear and shift them to the left. After flipping them on the other eye, repeat the process on the other ear. When dealing with ear problems, the solar plexus, as well as the throat area, should be repaired. After the session, the ears should be cleaned and the eyes should be washed.


Reiki may also be used to restore and strengthen the voice box. Place your hand where the neck meets the shoulder and practice healing all over the throat.

Gums and teeth

Place your hand on both jaws and pass it around until it covers both of the teeth. As the healing process progresses, the gums can also tighten. This usually takes care of any issues with the lips or tongue.


The kidney and the solar plexus must be repaired. Use your hands to heal the goiter at the base of the skull. Digestion must be strengthened, and the heart must be handled as well.

Polyps and Warts

As you use Reiki, place your hands on warts or polyps. They can break and slip off from the roots over time. When polyps are removed externally, the roots persist and recur. Reiki therapy aids in the uprooting and elimination process.

Migraines and headaches

Migraine headaches are often caused by poor diet. This is why you must first repair your kidneys and stomach. Pay attention to the top, bottom, and sides of the head, as well as the throat.

Hair Loss and Balding

Along with Reiki, a proper diet is needed to treat this condition.


Place your hands at the point where the throat meets the shoulders at the root of the throat. Then work your way down the underside of the jaws, to the cheeks, and finally to the nose. 

If you're a woman, you should focus on ovaries healing, and if you're a man, you should focus on prostate healing.

You should be familiar with the hand configurations used for doing Reiki on any part of the recipient's body by now. There are a few more Reiki roles you can master as well. 

Remember to honor the recipient's limits. If they get unhappy in some place, change it right away. At no point should you try to force them. 

Keep your hands hovering over vulnerable areas like the groin or breasts, and aim to prevent any physical touch. Reiki should be done without contacting the body at all times, but follow all ethical guidelines.

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General Reiki Hand Positions

Have enough experience using your hands to heal yourself before you start treating others. This is one of the first things you can do. And if you do Reiki on someone else, the hand positions would be almost identical.

You can now hear about the hand positions that are learned from Hawayo Takata's and her students' Reiki practice. You may also experiment with other hand positions taught by Mikao Usui or Hayashi. The hand configurations would most likely be similar to those found in western Reiki. Finally, you can start with some hand positions to allow your instincts to lead you. Your hands will be guided by the spirit to where they are most important.

Before you start experimenting with hand configurations, make sure you follow these instructions.

It's important to make the Reiki receiver feel at ease. Allow them to lay down on their backs on a comfortable massage table.

You should be standing or seated as the Reiki practitioner. Choose a comfortable position that will allow you to do Reiki effectively.

You should be able to step around the table without touching it.

When doing all of the Reiki poses, try to hold the fingers together.

Make gentle transitions from one role to the next.

When working on some organs or chakras, study them and learn more about them.

When doing Reiki on another human, keep all ethical issues in mind.

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Self-Reiki and Reiki with Others

When you've been comfortable with Reiki therapy and have had enough experience healing yourself, you should try healing others. Anyone who learns Reiki therapy is ready to use their newfound abilities to support others. You will read more about how to send Reiki to others in this chapter.

When you've mastered all of the methods, you'll be able to go your own way. You will then rely on your intuition and expertise to better heal others with Reiki.

Do remember to prioritize yourself. This isn't the same as being selfish; it's just about taking care of yourself. No one except you is responsible for your well-being. A healer must first cure themselves before they can help others. Take this into consideration. You must learn to relax and take care of yourself. Find time in your life to do Reiki on yourself every day; the benefits will entice you to do so again. In Reiki school, the level 1 Reiki class will teach you how to do Reiki on yourself. Follow the class outline to make sure you perform Reiki therapy on yourself on a daily basis.

When you continue to practice, you will notice the advantages of doing Reiki on yourself. It can familiarize you with Reiki healing. Reiki treatment on a regular basis will help you achieve healthy physical and mental health. You'll be more accessible and a great Reiki channel as a result. You'll also be shifting your mindset to one that's more receptive to intuition. Before you do something else in the morning, set aside some time to practice Reiki. It's possible to complete it before you even get out of bed. Do this single night before you go to bed. Make use of any of the methods that have been discussed. Make meditation a valuable technique. To keep the energy going, use purpose and trust your instincts to know how to move your hands. Always keep in mind that honesty is crucial.

There are a lot of things to keep in mind when it comes to healing someone.

The receiver has put their confidence and faith in you; respect their expectations. Do not use Reiki until you are confident in your abilities. Get the participants as relaxed as possible during the workshop. If the patient claims they don't want to lay down, offer them a comfortable seat. In this place, Reiki can also be practiced. Take the opportunity to speak with the receiver and see what they want to get out of this Reiki session. Inquire about any aches and pains they've been experiencing. Request that they dress comfortably so that they can fully relax throughout the session.

When the individual is sufficiently relaxed and secure, you may begin giving hands-on healing. To cure them with Reiki, use the different Reiki hand positions. Start the session by focusing on the crown chakra with Reiki.

This will aid in energy transfer and enable them to reach a deep state of relaxation. And work on the chakras in the front of the body. The next step is to rebalance the body's resources. Spiralizing is a good technique for this. Request that the individual turn over, and then proceed to heal the chakras at the base of the spine.

Rep the juggling exercise once more. Then, depending on the condition or pains that the recipient has mentioned, proceed with the particular healing.

Some individuals may also benefit from distant healing. Only a Reiki practitioner who has been attuned to level 3 Reiki or the Master level may do this.

Photographs, surrogates, visualization, purpose slips, and other methods may be used to perform distant healing.

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Reiki Hand Positions for Every Body Region


The Head Start is at the very peak of the mountain, or at the very top of the mountain. If the patient has headaches, colds, asthma, toothaches, earaches, or other symptoms, this is the place to start in. If the individual is stressed, this is also where you can focus your efforts. It can aid in the restoration of body harmony. The location of the hands on the head is more critical than anything else.

Hold your hands over the recipient's closed eyes in the eyes and face.

Maintain a firm grip on both sides of the nose. Your fingertips should be resting on the cheekbone. Over the third eye, position your thumbs together. To shield your eyes, you can also use a tissue.

Hold your hands around this area at the top of your head. Both wrists should be touching, and each hand's fingertips should be pointed down towards the respective ears. If you like, hover over their crown and hold your hands away from their hair. To ensure that the crown chakra is open, keep your hands here for a bit.

Keep your palms to either side of the forehead at the temples. Your palms should be placed between their hairline and brows, with your fingertips gently rubbing on their cheekbones. This hand posture can aid in brain balance as well as spiritual connectivity.

Keep your hands over each ear at all times. It will assist in the relaxation of the mind as well as the treatment of an ear infection.

You should shift your hands behind their heads behind them. When you put your hands one by one on the opposing side of the person's head, roll their head on the opposite side.

When keeping the medulla oblongata area, the fingertips can only brush at the top of their skull.

The Body's Front

Let's have a look at the front of the body now. The throat and spine, which serve as a transition between your head and upper body, are included.

At the throat, softly cup the bottom of their throat with your fingertips, allowing the tips of your fingers to touch. Keep your hands around the neck but don't touch it. For Reiki, this hand posture will assist you in treating thyroid and parathyroid problems. The larynx, vocal chords, and lymph nodes will all be treated with it. Bear in mind that certain patients can not feel relaxed with your hands around their throats, so keep your hands a little farther apart to make room for them.

Have the hands resting on either side of the neck at the collarbone, fingertips pointed towards the center of the chest. With this hand role, you may send Reiki to the thymus field. It has a major impact on immunity.

A separate location exists at the back of the neck or in front of the heart.

Place your left hand under your neck and your right hand over the top of your core. This hand location simultaneously restores the heart and throat chakras.

Hold your hands in a “T” place at your heart. One hand should be horizontally over the patient's breast, while the other should be in the space between the breasts. The heart chakra will benefit from this role. This hand position is needed for any problems with the circulatory system, lungs, or thymus gland.

With Reiki, you will be able to enhance the supply of love energies.

Hold your hands straight under your chest in the upper abdominal section.

When doing Reiki on the spleen or any of the digestive organs, use this hand pose. The solar plexus chakra will also be handled.

Keep your hands a little lower in the middle abdomen than in the previous position under the chest. The one side should be above the navel and the other below it. This hand position is needed for illnesses of the pancreas, intestines, and gallbladder.

Hold your hands on the lower belly in the sacral and lower abdominal regions. Both hands should be in front of the other. Just sure your hands aren't touching your genitals. With this hand place, the sacral chakra is restored. It may also be used to treat the pelvic area, the bowel, and other fertility problems.

Body's Backside

The back of the body is the focus of the next set of hand positions. For this, the receiver would turn over. Give them some time and gently urge them to shift places while they are in a deep state of sleep. This role facilitates access to certain chakras in the body and aids in the treatment of back problems.

Hold your hands under their collar and on top of each shoulder at the upper shoulders. It can aid in the relief of pain in this area as well as the treatment of the throat chakra.

Shift your hands a few inches down to the shoulder blades and leave them resting on top of them. Use this place to cure the heart chakra or other problems with the recipient's lungs or heart.

Place your hands around your waist. It may be used to heal the solar plexus chakra, the liver, and the adrenal gland.

Keep your hands on the hollow of their back, above the buttocks, in the lower back area. This location is good for relaxing lower back pain and treating the sacral chakra.

Feet and Legs

Finally, there are the leg and foot positions. There were no common roles for this area at first. If the individual is already lying on their front with their back to you, you will continue to handle these areas. Depending on which position is more convenient for you, you may either sit near their feet or stand.

Using your hands to hold your elbows on either side. You should use both hands to cup the knee on both sides to treat people with knee pain or injuries.

Hold one hand on each ankle when handling them. This hand posture aids in the energy balance of both thighs.

Place each hand squarely on the back of each foot for the soles of the feet.

This hand posture will help to ground you and get your body into equilibrium.

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Reiki - Human Energy Field's 5 Layers


Physical Power

This is the layer we consider to be the actual manifestation of ourselves. While we think of the body as a box made up of skin, muscle, bones, and organs, they also have electricity, much like the other layers of the body that we can't see or feel, such as the mind.


This term comes from the word "ether," which refers to a layer that lies about a quarter and a half of an inch, but not more than an inch, away from the human body. The practitioners who have felt this body characterize it as a gray-colored sensation. It looks like a spider web and can stretch, and it's normally thought of as the physical layer's blueprint.

Emotional Vitality

From the exterior, this is the third sheet. It sits at the intersection of all five layers we've examined. The emotional layer is where worries and emotions are stored. When we are experiencing strong feelings, we will become very unpredictable. It is important if you are feeling both negative and positive emotions.

Mental Vitality

This is the layer from which our thoughts and other feelings emerge. It also serves as a storage facility for the belief system. This is where we store and organize our emotions, as well as where people store their personal truths or any impressions based on their experiences.

Spiritual Power

This is the last layer, which stores higher levels of perception and consciousness.

It is the layer that connects our past lives as well as the shared consciousness that all humans share.

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Reiki - Why Worry About the Energy Field?

You should be mindful that your particular energy field has a significant effect on your overall well-being. Most people are mindful of the importance of personal grooming. 

You should be aware that when you use your physical body, it gets contaminated and can suck up viruses and bacteria that can cause disease. 

Your physical health, as well as your sense of well-being, will suffer if you neglect your body.

Have you ever had the feeling that your subconscious is "bad" because your body is still dirty? 

This is due to the fact that everything you do is linked to electricity, which ensures that every aspect of your life has an energy dimension. The visible dirt is just a small part of the larger problem. 

Every portion of the body is made up of a variety of energy frequencies, the most of which are invisible to the naked eye. However, you should be aware that the electromagnetic field is often affected by invisible energy frequencies.

The big issue we face is that we have grown up in a world that does not recognize the importance of invisible forces in our lives. We just learn about the energies that we can see in school and how they influence our lives; we don't learn about the energies that we can't see.

You must examine the five levels of the human energy fields in order to comprehend how it all works. 

It is true that you must keep all five layers of body energy clean in order to maintain complete body hygiene. When you understand the various fields, you will be able to recognize that the symptoms of the body that you believe are due to physical factors can may be due to an energy deficiency.

You don't have to focus on a certain aspect of the body; instead, you can consider all of the layers before drawing any conclusions. 

If you want to handle the proper healing of the body, you must focus on all of the layers of the body.

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