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Hinduism - What Is Vijaya Ekadashi?


The eleventh day (ekadashi) of the dark (waning) half of the lunar month of Phalgun (February–March) is a religious celebration.

This is the eleventh-day observance devoted to the worship of Vishnu, as is the case with all eleventh-day observances.

Most Hindu holidays have pre-determined ceremonies, which generally include fasting (upavasa) and devotion, and frequently offer particular rewards for loyal participation.

Those taking this vow should fill an earthen pot with the seven varieties of grain, place an image of Vishnu on top of the pot, and recite the names of Vishnu for twenty-four hours.

The pot of grain should be handed to a brahmin on the twelfth.

In terms of outcomes, it is stated that diligently honoring this festival would provide vijaya (victory) over poverty and sadness.

~Kiran Atma

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