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Hinduism - Who Is Ekalavya In The Mahabharata?

Ekalavya is a character in the Mahabharata, the second of the two major Hindu epics, who exemplifies the caste system's pervasiveness. 

Ekalavya is a tribal lad who wishes to study archery from Drona, the royal archery instructor, but is turned down due to his low birth. 

Undaunted, Ekalavya creates a clay representation of Drona, considers it as his instructor or guru, and becomes the most skillful archer on the planet through assiduous practice and devotion to his guru. 

When Arjuna, a young warrior-king and Drona's finest student, learns of this, he is enraged and complains to Drona, since Drona promised Arjuna that no one would ever be able to beat him as an archer. 

Drona inquires of Ekalavya as to how he has honed his skills. 

Drona writes that he is entitled to a preceptor's pay (dakshina) when he discovers that Ekalavya has worshipped Drona's image as his guru. 

He demands Ekalavya's right thumb as payment, a gift that would significantly reduce Ekalavya's shooting powers. 

Ekalavya grants Drona's desire without hesitation, although he is no longer superior to Arjuna after that. 

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