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Yoga Asanas - What Are Hathenas Or Hathaats Or Forced Methods?

Hathenas, also known as Hathaats, are body-forcing procedures that are designed to induce a certain impact on the body. 

Many of the asanas in Hatha Yoga are classical. Asanas, or postures, Kriyas, or movements, and Mudras, or neuromuscular tensors, are all used in Hatha Yoga to stimulate glandular activity. 

The Sanskrit syllables "Ha" and "Tha" make form the phrase "Hatha." 

  • The "Ha" represents sun energies in the body, especially positive Pranic forces flowing via the right side of the nervous system. 

Prefect balance happens when the "Ha forces" and the "Tha forces" are balanced as "Hatha" (pronunciation: "Hat-ha", not "Ha-tha"). 

Hatha Yoga is sometimes referred to as "Yoga Obstinacy" by certain publications. 

In its effort to govern the body, the mind is "obstinate." 

Various nerves corresponding to the portion of the lung to be enlarged, expanded, reconditioned, or regenerated are prestressed using these forcing procedures under the supervision of a bona fide yoga instructor. 

  • The complete treatment should be performed once a day, first thing in the morning. If this isn't feasible, a session in the afternoon or evening may be replaced. 
  • For individuals who are in a rush to reclaim their health. A morning and evening session is advised, with a high noon time practice optional for true devotees.