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Hinduism - Who Were The Hoysala Dynasty Of Southern India?


Hoysala Dynasty (11th–14th centuries) Southern Indian dynasty that ruled over the southern half of the state of Karnataka in southern India.

Dorasamudra, which is today known as Halebid, was the capital city.

The Hoysalas were initially vassals of the Chalukyas (a central Indian monarchy that lasted from the seventh to ninth centuries C.E.) until 1093, when they declared independence.

They governed most of Karnataka and northern Tamil Nadu during their zenith, but by the beginning of the 14 century, their authority had waned.

Their empire had been captured by the Sangamas, whose capital was at Vijayanagar, by the middle of the century.

The Hoysalas are most known for the beautiful temples they built at Belur and Halebid, which are treasure troves of medieval south Indian sculpture.

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