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Hinduism - Who Is A Godman? Who Are The Godmen Of India?


 A slang term for a charming Hindu ascetic of a certain sort.

Godmen are religious personalities who are known for their high-profile appearance, ability to garner attention and support from the greater Indian culture, and claims to profound spiritual attainments.

They may claim to have magical abilities, such as the capacity to heal, read minds, prophesy the future, or affect future events, which they demonstrate to demonstrate the godman's spiritual attainments.

Godmen are often found outside of recognized ascetic groups, and they may have never received official ascetic initiation.

They may thrive in India's religious "free market," which pays and acknowledges religious charisma.

Godmen usually live in their own ashrams rather than those affiliated with an order.

Despite the fact that most of them recognize a guru or religious preceptor, their success is due to their own attributes rather than the spiritual lineage's power.

Several of these godmen have developed considerable numbers of overseas devotees in recent years, which may bring both income and prestige.

Sathya Sai Baba, whose ashram is at Puttaparthi in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh, is a modern example of such a godman.

See Peter Ludwig Brent, Godmen of India, 1972, for an example of one person's contacts with a variety of these people.

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