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Hinduism - Who Is Vayu In The Hindu Pantheon?


In Hindu mythology, the wind-personified god.

Vayu is a minor god and one of the eight Guardians of the Directions, with the north west as his direction.

Vayu is considered to be pre-sent within the body, in the five "vital winds" (prana) via which all physiological processes are said to occur.

Vayu is a minor god, but two of his sons are immensely important.

Bhima, his son, is one of the five Pandava brothers who appear in the Mahabharata, the second of the two major Sanskrit epics.

Bhima is known for his power and stature, as well as his earthy cravings, which mirror the wind's raw, untamed nature.

Hanuman, Vayu's second famous son, is a monkey deity.

Despite the fact that Hanuman is most known for his devotion and dedication to the deity Rama in mythology, he is one of the most popular and extensively adored deities in northern India in reality.

Hanuman's popularity may arise from his middle station; as a servant, he is less distant and magnificent than Rama, making him more approachable to human requests.

Another key consideration is that this accessibility is accompanied with strength and the capacity to defend people who seek his assistance.

~Kiran Atma

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