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Hinduism - Who Is Bhagirath?

 The one person most responsible in Hindu mythology for bringing the heavenly Ganges down to earth. 

Because the river Ganges and the goddess Ganges are identical, the river is revered. 

  • Bhagirath is the great-great-grandson of King Sagar, whose 60,000 sons were burnt to ashes by the sage Kapila's magical abilities after they falsely accused Kapila of thievery. 
  • The guru subsequently informs Anshuman, King Sagar's grandson and only living descendent, that bringing the Ganges from heaven down to earth is the only way to restore peace to their spirits. 
  • Anshuman, like his son Dilip before him, tries for the rest of his life, but both are unsuccessful. 

Bhagirath, Dilip's son, is moved by their efforts and retreats to the Himalayas, where he practices penance until the gods agree to bring the Ganges down to earth. 

  • Bhagirath's efforts, however, are not yet complete. 
  • He must next satisfy Shiva in order for the god to accept to bear the impact of the descending river on his head, since the river's power would otherwise destroy the earth. 
  • The Ganges ultimately descends to earth on Shiva's head when everything is in place. 
  • Bhagirath then guides the river out of the mountains to the sea, where she touches the ashes of his forefathers, and they finally find rest.

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