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Hinduism - What Are Reservations In Modern India?


Modern government policy aimed at redressing particular poor or low-status groups' long-standing economic and social disadvantages by providing them with preferential treatment in employment and education.

This is frequently accomplished by "reserving" specified percentages of government employment or spaces in higher education institutions for persons from impoverished communities, who are admitted under far lower requirements than the general public.

Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes are the titles given to those who qualify for such reservations, after the "schedule" or official government list on which their names appear.

The Scheduled Castes are low-caste Hindus who were formerly known as untouchables, whereas the Scheduled Tribes are indigenous peoples (adivasis) who dwell mostly in central India.

Despite the fact that the reservations policy has been in place for some time, it continues to be a cause of contention.

Its supporters argue that it is integrating socially disadvantaged individuals into Indian society and assisting in the correction of centuries of injustice.

Opponents argue that the purposeful selection of less competent persons makes a mockery of the merit system.

Critics further contend that the people who gain the most from such policies are the wealthiest members of such communities—the so-called creamy layer, which denotes their status at the top—while the really disadvantaged stay in their pre-existing positions.

Apart from philosophical disputes, this strategy has had a discernible influence on people's lives.

As a result of these reservations, competition for the remaining slots has become even fiercer, and reservations have become a politically thorny topic.

Given the advantages of reservations, there has been substantial agitation to incorporate other, less advantaged groups under its umbrella in order to disseminate benefits to other segments of Indian society.

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