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Hinduism - What Are The Jatakarma Samskaras?


The fourth of the traditional life-cycle rites is Jatakarma Samskara (samskaras).

The first three were to be done before and throughout pregnancy, with the jatakarma samskara to be done just after the baby was born.

The most notable aspects of this ritual were reciting the word "vak" ("speech," a synonym for Saraswati) into the kid's ear and giving the child honey, ghee, and other delicacies thought to bring good luck to the child.

Although there are numerous other ceremonies associated with birth that are designed to safeguard the mother and child and to fire the child's potential, this samskara is seldom performed in contemporary times.


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Vak (power of speech) sprouts in Para, produces two leaves in Pasyanti, buds in Madhyama, and blossoms in Vaikhari—that Vak, as previously mentioned, completes the stage of sound absorption, reversing the above order, namely, starting with Vaikhari, etc.

The four types of Vak are Para, Pasyanti, Madhyama, and Vaikhari. The strongest tone is para. Vaikhari is the most obnoxious of tones.

Vak progresses from the most high-pitched to the most low-pitched tones.

In order to merge in para, or the highest subtle tone, involution requires reversing the order.

Anyone who believes that the One who is the great Lord of that Vak, the undifferentiated, the Illuminator of that Vak is the Self is never affected by language, whether high or poor, good or poor.

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