Sarasvati Chalana is the Sarasvati Nadi's rousing. Sarasvati Nadi is a small town on the banks of the Sarasvati River.

Of the fourteen Nadis, west of the navel. Arundhati is Sarasvati's name. It literally means "that which aids in the execution of good deeds."

The Kundalini, which is spiral, straightens out as a result of Sarasvati Chalana practice and Prana discipline.

Only by rousing the Sarasvati will the Kundalini be roused.

As Prana, or breath, passes through one's Ida, or left nostril, one can sit squarely in Padmasana and lengthen the Akasa of 12 digits inwards 4 digits. Prana goes out 16 digits on exhalation and just 12 digits on inhalation, resulting in a 4 digit loss. The Kundalini is aroused when inhaled for 16 digits.

The wise Yogi should carry Sarasvati Nadi by lengthening his breath and, while keeping both ribs near the navel tightly together with the forefinger and thumbs of both hands, one hand on each side, stir up Kundalini with all his might, from right to left, over and over. This stirring could go on for up to 48 minutes.

When Kundalini makes its way into Sushumna, he can draw up a bit. This is how the Kundalini makes its way into Sushumna's mouth.

Prana, like the Kundalini, joins the Sushumna on its own.

The Yogic student can also compress the neck to enlarge the navel. The Prana is then sent above to the chest by shaking Sarasvati. Prana rises above the chest due to the contraction of the jaw.

Sarasvati's womb is filled with echo. She should be shook or vibrated on a regular basis.

Dropsy or Jalodara, Gulma (a stomach disease), Pliha (a spleen disease), and all other diseases growing inside the belly are healed simply by shaking Sarasvati.

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