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Shamanism and Biomagnetic fields


The SQUID (superconducting quantum information device) 

Magnetometer (biomagnetic field mapping device) is a highly sensitive technology that can map biomagnetic fields created by physiological processes in the body. J. E. Zimmerman, a former Ford Motor Company scientist, was the driving force behind its growth. SQUID was the first practical electronic device to track interaction between matter's energy waves, and it is now regarded as one of the best magnetic flux detectors. Special rooms shielding environmental energies have been designed in combination with SQUID technologies in order to study highly subtle magnetic fields in the brain and other parts of the body.

Konstantin Korotkov, a physics professor at Russia's St. Petersburg State Technical University, came up with another invention. Korotkov, a bioelectrography specialist, created a computerized device that allows for what he calls "Gas Discharge Visualization" (GDV).

GDV, which is based on Kirlian imaging, allows for the study of human energy fields and can aid in the observation of energy transitions in a number of circumstances, including as treatments are performed.

Polycontrast Interference Photography is another new technique with a lot of potential for diagnosing physical and psychiatric illnesses (PIP). It consists of a digital camera and patented software that measures the energy released as two waveforms collide, and it was invented by British researcher Harry Oldfield. The photonic discharge that results creates an image that reveals areas of illness and fitness. 

Chakras, meridians, and physiologic states, as well as the effects of human intention and a variety of environmental factors, are all readily discernible. 

In the United States, Oldfield worked with physician Brian Dailey, and in India, he worked with Thornton Streeter, Director of The Centre for Biofield Sciences. In one study, the crown chakra of a delusional individual was found to be distinctly broken. PIP mapped the changes in a seasoned meditator's consciousness as he went from normal waking consciousness to deep meditation and back to normal waking consciousness in another profile. PIP observations, including GDV experiments, are classified as speculative because it's unclear what energies are being tracked.

The science of metabolic function at the cellular level is also known as bioenergetics. Scientists at prestigious universities are showing the importance of energetic flow and transformation of illness and recovery as a result of this research.

The Institute of Bioenergetics at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs, for example, is developing “a multidisciplinary approach to studying cellular metabolism and cellular connectivity with the aim of treating or curing severe diseases.” The field of cellular signaling (how cells communicate) is now progressing from the study of physical processes—for example, a hormone docking with a cellular receptor, which sets off a chain of events—to studying energetic signaling, of which the physical cascade's first source is energetic in nature.

In the laboratory of John McMichael, immunologist, virologist, and curator of Beech Tree Labs and The Institute for Therapeutic Discovery, another field of investigation is underway. Decades of laboratory and preclinical research have shown the promise of a class of formulations that use low amounts of naturally occurring molecules—proteins and DNA, for example—to address a broad variety of diseases.

The dosages are much higher than in homoeopathy, but much smaller than in most modern pharmaceuticals.

Scientific evidence indicating the receptors are affected and which genes are up- or down-regulated (turned on or off) suggests that this platform could lead to a new understanding of how the body functions.

Scientists at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill found that McMichael's groundbreaking breakthrough for curing depression didn't work by the biopathways common with modern antidepressants since it showed effectiveness in confirmed animal tests. These results led to the hypothesis that the agent works by a process of energetic contact that instructs the body to rebalance itself. McMichael himself believes there may be an energetic network made up of receptors in cells or the extracellular matrix that aids in the restoration of homeodynamics (a more descriptive term for homeostasis), the body's normal balance. As a result, he now concentrates his focus on sub-molecular processes.

Nonlocal healing, in which an individual's or a group's well-focused purpose can have a huge impact on the wellbeing of anyone thousands of miles away, is often on the cutting edge of bioenergetics. Although this process is often classified as mystical or religious, the cause of nonlocal healing is generally thought to be energy-based, whether it is focused by dowsing, praying, or other methods. Physician Larry Dossey and research scientist Marilyn Mandala Schlitz of the Institute of Noetic Sciences are among those who have studied this mechanism of healing scientifically. They have found positive yet contradictory findings, as is typical when studying putative energies. The common denominator of how the different approaches to nonlocal healing concentrate energy is often considered to be intentionality, or the deliberate application of meaning. The scientific mapping of intent is still a long way off.

If healing rituals and hardwired technologies—which get to the heart of the human condition—are energy effects that necessitate looking at the whole being as well as environmental factors, both the quantum physicist's "unified field" and the mystic's "everything is one" insight point to a shared universe. This takes us closer to the aspects of the human condition that are universal, regardless of color, gender, or creed. Although there has been a lot of literature on the energetics of living environments, it hasn't been presented in the light of Western European philosophical ideas and traditions for the most part. This is beginning to change. For decades, science has been catching up to what the Toltecs have been telling about the universe and the healing methods TCM has been providing. The healing therapies of bioenergetics—often referred to as "energy medicine"—appears to be very complex, have strong historical origins, and constitute an emerging multidisciplinary field of modern science.

New models, new factors for investigation, and new tools for healing and wellness will continue to sprout whether energy is in any sense a determinant for biological behavior and reactions. These revelations, on the other hand, do not throw a completely new net of knowledge over the science community. They are predicated on prior experience. According to Oschman, “the new hypotheses should not cause us to forget our sophisticated understandings of genetics, biochemistry, or molecular biology.”

“Instead, they refine our understanding of living systems and healing at deeper structural and functional levels.”

Magnetic electrical input and other forms of energy-based signals are continuously received and emitted by the human body. The body has an array of energy-detection apparatuses, from drawing in the Sun's energy and turning it to Vitamin D, to hearing impacting brain areas, to photon-detection receptors in the retina. Chemical reactions are triggered by the presence of electricity. Furthermore, the modern discipline of electromyography, which tracks electrical currents behind muscle contraction, has over a century of study behind it, demonstrating that this form of action happens spontaneously within the body.

“We are in a time of radical transition in the healthcare system,” says Oschman, a recognized pioneer in the area of biophysics. In this phase, Energy Medicine plays a critical role. The explanation for this is that traditional Western medicine is the first medicinal practice in existence to have largely overlooked the concept of energy. Nearly all complementary and holistic therapies that the population is enthusiastically turning toward have energetic concepts.” “‘In every society and in every medical practice before ours, healing was done by transferring energy,” Oschman continues, quoting Albert Szent-Györgyi (who received a Nobel Prize in for his synthesis of vitamin C).

“Nothing occurs in nature without an energy exchange,” says physicist Milo Wolff. Communication or the development of some sort of information requires an energetic transition. There are no exceptions to this rule. This is a natural law.”

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