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Paganism & Wicca - What Is A Goetia Or Goeteia?

Goetia or Goeteia is Greek for "witchcraft" or "sorcery." 

  • Technically, the phrase relates to the craft that a goes does. 
  • Charms, curses, mediumship, necromancy, and shamanic communication with the world of the dead were all part of goetia's purview in ancient times. 

There were differences made between sorts of magic throughout the ancient Greek period. 

  • Theourgia (theurgy) was regarded a higher level of magic than goetia. 
  • Inner wisdom and spiritual questing were stressed in theourgia
  • Goetia included the provision of professional services to the community for a fee. 
  • Theourgia was associated with the upper class intellectual elite. 
  • Goetia was associated with the rabble and rowdy, rebellious lower classes, not with cultured, civilized, educated, logical people. 
  • By the Middle Ages, goetia had become associated with "poor magic," particularly wicked terrifying magic. 


Diabolical Books: Grimoires: Lemegeton; GOES, Goetic Magic, Theurgy; 

Goetic Magic: 

A contemporary technique of magic called after the grimoire.

  • Goetic Magic is a means of summoning spirits. 
  • The Goetia specifies how to conjure spirits using its powers. 

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