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Paganism & Wicca - What Is Pishoguery?

Pishoguery is an Irish evil magic technique that involves the construction of the piseog or pishogue (see previously). 

  • Pishoguery is founded on the idea that there is a finite quantity of wealth on Earth, therefore if one person gets it, it must ultimately come at the cost of another. 
  • Malicious magic was mistaken with ancient rites. 
  • May Day's early morning dew was traditionally collected and sprinkled over crops and animals for plenty and luck. 
  • Because of its ties to banned Paganism, this procedure was ultimately carried out in secret. Surreptitious conduct drew suspicion, and people were accused of stealing luck. 
  • Pishoguery was the response: what began as defensive magic aimed at balancing and redirecting wealth energy devolved into destructive, malevolent magic.

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