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Hinduism - What Is The Veshara Style Of Hindu Temple Architecture?

The Veshara, is a Hindu Temple Architecture style which is largely found in western India and the Deccan, is the smallest and most widely distributed among the three historic styles.

The Nagara and the Dravida are the other two established styles in medieval Hindu temple construction.

Whereas the Nagara style was defined by vertical uplift achieved by temple towers (shikharas), and the Dravida style by lower temples covering vast swaths of land, the Veshara style's most distinguishing feature is a barrel roof above the sanctuary, which has its origins in the Buddhists' rock-cut caves (chaityas).

This roof lies in the middle of the Nagara towers and the Dravida horizontal tiers, much as the Deccan was in the middle of the two.

~Kiran Atma

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