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Hinduism And Hindu Theology - Who Was Apastamba?


Apastamba was a 4th century B.C. E  writer, wise man, and a commentator. 

Apastamba is most known for his work with the Kalpa Sutra form, a kind of book that has three key elements: 

  1. directions for Vedic rituals (Shrauta Sutras), 
  2. household rites (Grhya Sutras), 
  3. and appropriate human conduct (Kalpa Sutras) (Dharma Sutras). 

Along with Baudhayana and Hiranyakeshin, he is one of three writers who authored full Kalpa Sutras in all three sections. 

  • The Taittiriya school of the Black Yajur Veda was where all three of these guys came from. 
  • Apastamba's Dharma Sutra is very important since it is regarded as one of the primary sources for Manu's law system. 
  • Even in the early twentieth century, this code was a significant legal document since India's British rulers regarded it as a source of "traditional" Hindu law.

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