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12 Step Mindfulness Sounds Exercise

The focus of mindfulness practice is frequently on the body's feelings and the mind's ideas. 

Tuning in to your other senses, on the other hand, might help you feel more present and alert. 

You can utilize the noises around you as the object of your awareness, just as you did with the breath in the first exercise. 

Sounds come and go throughout the day, providing a steady focus point for your attentive attention—practically it's difficult to eliminate all sound, no matter where you live or what you do for a job. 

Investigate your auditory experience while meditation. You may incorporate this practice into your daily life by pausing to listen carefully to the noises around you at any time. 


  1. Begin by settling into a comfortable position and closing your eyes. 
  2. Bring your attention to your breathing, but instead of focusing on the physical sensation of breathing, pay attention to the sound of your body breathing. 
  3. Listen for any sounds coming from the breath as you inhale and exhale through your nostrils. 
  4. Open your ears to the various noises around you. You may hear passing automobiles, noises within your home, or sounds from nature. Tune in to whatever is present. 
  5. The mind is accustomed to recognizing what it hears. When you see a car pass by, you know it's a car. Rather of naming and describing what each sound is, attempt to concentrate on the real listening experience. 
  6. Consider your ears to be microphones that only pick up sound. Recognize how the noise rises and falls, how far away it appears to be, and from what direction it is coming. 
  7. Tune in to one sound that catches your attention for a few seconds. Immerse yourself in the music of that sound. 
  8. Then, with your mind open, listen for additional sounds. Continue to listen, investigate, and open up while listening carefully. 
  9. Return to the breath for a minute at the conclusion of the session. 
  10. Encourage the mind to focus completely on the sound of the breath in the body without forcing or straining. 
  11. Maintain some awareness of the noises in your life when you open your eyes and return to your existence. 
  12. Throughout the day, notice the act of listening and allow it to lead you back into present-time awareness. 

What to do When You are Distracted by Sounds?

Noises such as construction, birdsong, or people chatting loudly might pull you away from your practice. 

  • Make the act of listening a part of your practice while you're distracted. 
  • Try to put aside any judgment or criticism regarding the source of the sound and imagine yourself hearing it for the first time. 
  • Try to eliminate any words from the sound and refrain from identifying the source of the sounds right away. 
  • Any aversion that occurs should be noted, but don't reject noises that you can't control.

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