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Hinduism - Who Is A Jajman?

Jajman is a common version of the Sanskrit term yajamana, which means "sacrifice patron." There was a clear separation between the persons who executed the sacrifice (essentially hired technicians) and the people who provided the money to sponsor it and were considered the ultimate beneficiaries of the ritual from the time of the first Vedic sacrifices.

In modern times, pandas, or priests at pilgrimage sites (tirtha), use the name jajman to refer to their pilgrim clientele, with whom they have a hereditary tie.

The pilgrims are their patrons, of course, since the priests' livelihood is based on serving them, but the phrase also connotes a sense of reciprocal duty.

Pandas are entitled to money from their pilgrim customers, but they must also provide services to them, whilst pilgrims are obligated to maintain this hereditary connection but may rely on their pandas for assistance. 

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