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Hinduism - What Is Bhairava Jayanti?

 Bhairava Jayanti is a Hindu festival commemorating the birth of Lord Bhairava Annual celebration commemorating Bhairava's birth on the eighth day of the dark, or waning, half of the lunar month of Margashirsha (November–December). 

Bhairava is the deity Shiva's wrathful and strong form, and he represents the god's fury embodied. 

  • Bhairava arises from Shiva's forehead when the deity Brahma insults Shiva, and his first act is to chop off Brahma's head that shouted the insult, leaving the god with four heads. 
  • Bhairava's fury gives him a dangerous aura, but it also provides him the ability to assist his worshipers (bhakta) in achieving success, overcoming difficulties, and recovering from illness. 

People worship Bhairava, Shiva, and Shiva's wife, Parvati, as well as Bhairava's animal chariot, the dog, during this festival. 

  • People are urged to worship late into the night and pass the time by reciting Bhairava, Shiva, and Parvati legendary tales.

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