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Hinduism - Who Is Bhutam?

Bhutam (7th c. C.E.) is one of the first three Alvars, Pey and Poygai, was one of a group of twelve poet-saints who lived in southern India during the seventh and tenth centuries. 

The Alvars were all followers of the deity Vishnu (bhakta). 

  • Their emphasis on fervent devotion (bhakti) to a personal deity, as expressed in Tamil hymns, altered and reinvigorated Hindu religious life. 
  • According to legend, the three men were trapped in a heavy downpour and sought refuge in a tiny dry area, one after the other, each making space for the next. 
  • They sensed a fourth presence, Vishnu, as they stood together. 

The Alvars were so powerful as worshippers that their combined force was enough to bring Vishnu to life. 

  • The three, overcome with pleasure, broke into song, which became the first of their songs. 

More details may be found in Kamil Zvelebil's Tamil Literature, published in 1975.

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