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Hinduism - Who Is Goddess Manasa In The Hindu Pantheon?

Manasa is a local deity who is said to be a manifestation of the Goddess.

She is usually linked with snakes and snakebites, and is revered mostly in eastern India.

Manasa's divine presence is disclosed brutally with snakebites, which is regarded a type of divine possession, much as Shitala's divine presence was revealed by infection with small pox.

This conception exemplifies the duality of many regional deities, who are both strong and deadly.

It is always painful, and sometimes catastrophic, when Manasa comes; such is the essence of human relationships with divinity.

Manasa is revered for both preventing snakebites and aiding in the recovery of those who have been bitten, which is a very serious worry in an agricultural nation with extremely poisonous snakes.

Annual festivals honoring her are held, during which people chant songs in her honor and are often distinguished by divine possession and snake-handling.

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