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Hinduism And Hindu Theology - Who Is Ajamila?

Ajamila is a totally ruined sinner in Hindu mythology who is rescued from death by the limitless power of God's mercy. 

  • Ajamila is a fallen brahmin who eats meat, drinks liquor, takes a low caste lady as his mistress, and breaks all of the purity rules that brahmins are meant to follow. 
  • His sole redeeming quality is his devotion for his son Narayana, who also happens to be one of Vishnu's names. 
  • Ajamila sees the minions of Death approaching him as he lays dying, and their terrifying shapes foreshadow a dreadful destiny. 
  • Ajamila cries out “Narayana” with his last breath in fear at this vision and yearning for his son, and as a result, Vishnu sends his henchmen to rescue Ajamila. 
  • Ajamila is taken to Vaikuntha, Vishnu's abode, where he lives blissfully ever after.

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