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Hinduism - What Is The Indian Moghul Dynasty?


The Moghul Dynasty (1525–1857) was a Muslim dynasty that dominated India for almost 200 years.

Babar (r.1625–1630), a central Asian king who had been banished from his country in Afghanistan and conquered the Lodi dynasty rulers at Panipat in 1625, establishing the dynasty.

Humayan (1508–1556), Babar's son, ascended to the throne but spent most of his life combating an Afghan menace.

He reclaimed his kingdom, but died six months later as a result of injuries incurred in a fall.

Humayan was succeeded by his son Akbar (1542–1605), who is regarded as the greatest of the Moghul emperors for his forty-nine-year rule and attempts to treat his Hindu people as equal citizens rather than vanquished infidels.

Jahangir (1569–1627) replaced Akbar, and Jahangir was succeeded by Shah Jahan (1592–1666).

Aurangzeb (1618–1707), the last of the great Moghuls, expanded the Moghul empire by incorporating sections of the Deccan area.

The Krishna Janam Bhumi at Mathura and the Vishvanath temple in Benares were both demolished during Aurangzeb's reign.

Such events have sparked debate over whether the damage was motivated by anti-Hindu religious feelings (the Moghuls were Muslims) or by Moghul political power.

The Moghul empire disintegrated after Aurangzeb's death, but the dynasty continued to hold dwindling power until the 1857 insurrection against the British, when it was finally overthrown.

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