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Tantric Woman - A Divine Goddess

Let's talk about the woman's position now that we've given the man the primary resources he'll need to work on getting a good role in tantric sexual relations. In tantric sex and in life, the woman is everything. She is the goddess of the divine. The holy feminine is responsible for everything we see and do. That is why she is known as "Mother Nature" in this country. It is the sacred feminine who attracts and expresses the masculine seed of absolute happiness awareness. 

All in the universe is a product of Her. Sexual relations between a man and a woman are a microcosm of this grand spiritual method. When experienced spouses engage in tantric intercourse, it starts as a microcosm and progresses until the celestial union of the masculine seed and feminine womb. 

This joining happens with both men and women. This widening ecstatic occurrence manifests inside and of the couples as they partake in tantric sex together and as they relax in their meditation rooms doing advanced yoga practices. This fusion of masculine and feminine forces takes place in a variety of forms. It pervades all of our specialized yoga activities, including meditation, spinal breathing, bandhas, mudras, and asanas. All in yoga is about the divine union that takes place on all levels of the nervous system. 

So, when a man and a woman engage in tantric sex, it marks the start of something far larger in all of them, something that extends well beyond the bodies on the bed. If he gives it physically or not, the man's job is to sow seed. If he does not offer it emotionally, it is spiritually cultivated in both spouses. The divine goddess, the flower garden of paradise, is the woman's position. She asks the man for the seed. If it does not manifest biologically, it manifests spiritually and fertilizes both spouses. The more she calls, the more fertile the soil will become. 

Spiritually, if not mentally. She is a source of physical as well as divine fertilizations. In tantric sex, this is the nature of the woman's position. She is both the temptress of the actual seed and of the divine seed. The divine seed will take its place if the actual seed does not arrive. Her heavenly happiness and waves of beauty will draw the seed to the surface. The divine seed grows in both the man and the woman if the man can push back the bodily seed, and this is the internal joining of masculine and feminine forces of both tantric couples. 

Tantric intercourse is all about bringing out the sacred union within both partners. It's the same goal that all advanced yoga techniques have in common. If both partners in tantric sex have been doing advanced yoga activities of their own every day, their nervous systems will have already been purified, and tantric sex will be even more successful. The erotic essences will come to the surface and fully enter their nervous systems, creating an atmosphere akin to intense sleep, rich in utter silence, ecstatic ecstasy, and filled with passion. This will be carried forward into everyday activities and faith rituals on a regular basis. 

As a result, tantric sex may have a very positive and profound impact on one's life. This is the beautiful silver lining of the dark shadow that sex can often cast over spiritual life for those who are sexually involved. To get to such a beautiful level of lovemaking, you must be disciplined. We discussed the difficulties a man faces in learning to master his sperm, as well as the strategies he may employ. What would a woman do to aid in the development of tantric sexual relations? 

Obviously, her first duty is to comprehend the mechanism of tantric sexual transition, and the fact that it entails fostering an improvement in the man's orgasmic reaction, which is not an instantaneous process. Her husband does not realize it at first. She is capable of educating him. Before a divine goddess would participate in tantric sexual intercourse, she will have to train as a tutor, or tantric priestess, as it were. This can be very beneficial to a guy who is struggling to figure out his sexuality. But she can only do so much because it is up to him to accept the challenge. For a man, a tantric woman cannot perform the holdback process. 

It won't succeed until he's willing to take the initiative for the good of both parties. When the woman takes the lead in the holdback process, the man experiences the same escalating arousal as the woman experiences when the man is in the lead. The man's staying power will not be recharged by the holdback process with the woman in the lead. Quite the reverse is true. However, if a man prefers to lead the holdback process, the woman will assist him by assisting him in taking the requisite pauses to recharge his staying power. 

In the delicate early stages of tantric intercourse, she should refrain from overstimulating him. If he starts to doubt what they're doing in tantric sex, she should remind him. Since she naturally wants the sperm inside her yoni, and he instinctively wants to release it in her, this involves self-discipline on the part of the woman. The woman will assist the man if he is deliberately attempting to follow the holdback technique. It would be difficult for both couples at first, like tiptoeing across a minefield. Both the man and the woman will progressively shift their sexual relations to something much more with patience and practice. 

She will assist him in cultivating his staying power by periods of relaxation and delays in interpersonal relationships where the woman is present while the man is masturbating, or where she is stimulating his lingam through means other than intercourse. In such cases, she can learn to use the ejaculation blocking technique on her boyfriend, but if it happens often enough, her presence could be supplying more stimulus than is appropriate for his preparation. As a result, it's debatable whether getting the woman there when the guy self-trains is a smart idea. 

However, since it is the essence of a man and woman's relationship to be so close, it is definitely beneficial for the woman to be aware of the procedures the man employs and to assist him in applying them as far as possible. Whatever the sexual condition, it is in the best interests of all partners and yoga for the man to continue enhancing his staying strength. There will always be chances for her to assist him if she is aware of the procedure. Giving him the time he needs to do self-training on his own might be enough. As a result, just as it can be difficult for a man to adapt in the early stages of tantric sexual relations, it can also be difficult for a woman. 

As he works to improve his staying power in front of orgasm, she could be suppressing her innate ability to extract sperm from him. Both the man and the woman would go through a process of preparation and readjustment at this phase. Things will shift as the man grows into his position as the lord of his seed. This is the time for the queen, our holy goddess, to really shine in all her splendor. Then she'll be able to truly blossom into the lovely lovemaker she is by birth. 

Lovemaking becomes an act of sexual equality when a man can handle his sperm, rather than the one-way movement of sperm from man to woman that existed prior to the transition to tantric sexual relations. If a man has entered a state of self-sufficiency in staying capacity, sexual energies can be developed even more actively, creatively, and blissfully. It's worth noting that as a man gets more adept at using the holdback technique, the woman may be stimulated to have "multiple orgasms." A woman's desire to have multiple orgasms is innate. It ensures that no matter what happens, she will continue to seek out her partner's sperm and love every moment of it. Is feminine orgasm a yogic or regenerative process, and are multiple orgasms spiritually beneficial to women? When a woman has multiple orgasms in tantric sex, she loses any prana and loses the desire to ascend to successively higher stages of divine ecstasy.

Clearly, feminine orgasm is a pranic drain in comparison to masculine orgasm. Is it, therefore, tantric sex if a woman has multiple orgasms? Perhaps a series of feminine orgasms will result in the same pranic loss as a single masculine orgasm. Perhaps it's a stage a woman would go through when she discovers she has limitless orgasms thanks to the holdback process. Then, with his cooperation and caring assistance, she may eventually relax into pre-orgasmic sex with her boyfriend. It is in her moral best interest to do so, just as being in front of his climax is in the man's best interest. 

As a result, the pendulum will swing again, and tantric lovemaking will turn into a way for all partners to continue in control of their climax, climbing the stairway to heaven together – higher, higher, higher... The woman's part in advanced tantric sex will completely blossom to the normal and efficient coaxing of the seed that is her gift in sexual relations. She doesn't have to be worried with her partner's ability to stay put for longer. He has already completed the task. Of note, she is still aware of tantric values and ensures that they are followed. If her husband is committed to retaining and nurturing sexual energies, the woman should use all of her resources to extract the seed. He'll know how to dance with her while still retaining his sperm. 

This equilibrium allows the two lovers to dance all night long, descending the ecstasy stairwell in a lovely and normal manner. Then it's all about tantric lovemaking, which takes them higher and higher as the cultivation of erotic essences within them progresses. In these situations, the woman may feel compelled to improve her sexual charms by kegal exercises and other techniques that will help her stimulate her partner in tantric sexual relations. As a sexually active woman approaches more advanced tantric sexual relations, improving her already formidable sexual capabilities may become more significant. 

Tantric lovers who have been at it for a long time, on the other hand, can find a different path. When advanced yoga rituals and tantric sexual relations mature, the lovemaking between the two couples continues unabated. Then all it takes is a look, a grin, a hand, a kiss, or a hug to keep the divine lovemaking flowing inside. The partners may then only engage in tantric sex on rare occasions. Or maybe never. While Ramakrishna was married, it is assumed that he never made sexual love to his wife. Instead, they worshipped each other as sacred masculine and divine feminine incarnations. Whatever the final form of lovemaking is, advanced tantric sex is a very free state of partnership that is compatible with Advanced Yoga Practices' spiritual aims. There is an inequality between the man and the woman that occurs for the sake of fertility and the survival of the species before advanced tantric sexual relations are accomplished. Prior to the arrival of tantra, sex is primal, concerned solely with ensuring reproduction. 

As tantra enters the image, sex is spiritualized to a higher level that includes both reproduction and the union of absolute happiness consciousness (the seed) and sacred ecstasy (the womb). The underlying inequality in non-tantric intimate encounters is at the heart of the problems that have plagued men and women's relationships for thousands of years. 

When men feel physically inferior to women (as they do before practicing tantric methods), they want to compensate by dominating women in other ways, in order to control their enormous feminine sexual influence. This is one of the reasons that women have been oppressed in many cultures throughout history. Men have a strong irrational distrust of women. 

Men and women are not solely to blame for this. It's a phenomenon that has its origins in biological and neurological processes that are still in their infancy. If the nervous system's mechanisms progress to a greater degree of functioning, more equity of intimate relationships emerges, and subconscious fears and aggressions fade away. A balance of the sexual forces that circulate between men and women would be one of the side effects of this new era of enlightenment. There will be a greater sense of dignity, honesty, respect, and devotion. 

Women will be treated with much more respect than they deserve. It is now taking place. Shiva and Shakti have no superiority or inferiority complexes. Both are equal polarities that unite anywhere in the vast expanse of reality, from un-manifest absolute pleasure consciousness to the pinnacles of spiritual ecstasy. The birth of Oneness is unfolding in us and elsewhere as a result of the union of these two polar forces. We discover the truth about creation as we personally witness the polarity of every atom as an ecstatic marriage of the omnipresent holy lovers. 

We understand that everything is bliss, beauty, and Oneness. The woman's position in this is multifaceted, ranging from the lovely feminine being seated in front of her man to the complex force of creation continuously coaxing every atom in the universe outward in its ongoing life. The supreme goddess is at work everywhere, and this is the woman's position in tantra.

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