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Paganism & Wicca - What Is A Charm?

A vocal spell, either spoken or (more often) sung, is referred to as a charm. 

  • The name Carmenta comes from a Greek oracular ghost who became quite prominent in Italy. 
  • In contrast to the Greeks, who saw witches as primarily practitioners of plant magic, the Romans connected witchcraft mostly with incantations (Carmentis). 
  • Incantations and charms are interchangeable terms; many spells use rhymes. Many spells are made up entirely of charms. 

The magical community still uses the term "charm" in this way. 

To be charmed is to be "spellbound," though in a nice way. 

A supplementary contemporary meaning of charm refers to an item having magical power, such as a talisman or amulet. 

  • Charm bracelets, for example, have little charms. 
  • This is what people mean when they say "lucky charms." 
  • This meaning is far more prevalent outside of the magical world, and it is frequently the only term most people are acquainted with. 

A Charmer is a witch who can perform spells.

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