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Hinduism - What Is The Attitude Towards Drugs In Hindu Culture?


The attitude toward drugs in Hindu culture exemplifies the Hindu religion's enormous diversity. 

In general, drug usage, as well as everything that may lead to a loss of control, is vehemently criticized by “respectable” individuals. 

However, in Hindu mythology, the deity Shiva is depicted as habitually consuming intoxicants, notably bhang, a marijuana-based compound, and datura, a genus of plants containing dangerous alkaloids. 

Some Shiva's worshippers (bhakta) follow this mythological example in a variety of religious practices. 

Many ascetics smoke hashish (charas) combined with tobacco throughout the day, however this is not necessarily considered standard ascetic practice. 

Even among "regular" individuals, there are some times and locations where drug use is more acceptable. 

Bhang consumption is a popular part of various festival celebrations, such as Shivaratri ("Night of Shiva") and Holi (the festival of reversal). 

It is also sometimes drunk by pilgrims, and government-regulated bhang stalls can be found at many prominent pilgrimage sites (tirtha), including Benares, Puri, and Haridwar. 

Despite the fact that drugs are increasingly widely used in certain specialized situations, many individuals refuse to consume drugs under any conditions and would never contemplate doing so. 

Such adamant denial is merely one facet of the "orthodox" image, which encompasses a wide range of viewpoints. 

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