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Hinduism - What Is Bhaktavijaya?

(“Triumph of [God's] Devotees”) Bhaktavijaya. 

Mahipati, an eighteenth-century writer and hagiographer of devotional (bhakti) poet-saints, penned the text. 

  • The saints associated with the Varkari Panth, a religious organization focused on the worship of the deity Vithoba at his temple in Pandharpur, are the subject of the Bhaktavijaya's tales. 
  • Because Mahipati was a Varkari himself, this emphasis is natural. 
  • He also incorporated stories of other famous devotees (bhakta), most notably Kabir, Namdev, Jnaneshvar, and Narsi Mehta, in line with the devotional movement's tendency toward unity. 

The Bhaktavijaya's tales portray each of these saints as a model of devotion, emphasizing the ability of piety to transcend any difficulties. 

  • The Bhaktililamrta, Mahipati's other significant work, is likewise based on this subject. 

Justin E. Abbott and Narhar R. Godbole translated the Bhaktavijaya as Stories of Indian Saints in 1988.

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