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Hinduism - How Prevalent Is Vegetarianism In Hindu Society?



Vegetarianism is an ageless and long enduring dietary practice that carries extremely high status among Hindu people, probably because of its associations with strict brahmin practice; even people who are nonvegetarian themselves will commonly think of a vegetarian diet as “purer.” 

It may have become more prominent and mainstream under certain monarchs over the past few millennia but has certainly taken shape as a voluntary practice with philosophical undertones that define Hinduism.

Strict vegetarians eat no flesh or eggs, but milk and milk products are always eaten and are considered pure and health-giving, probably because they come from the cow.

Those people who keep the strictest diets will also often refrain from onions and garlic, which are considered to excite the passions.

This religious commitment to vegetarianism by a certain part of the population, and the general status given to “pure” vegetarian food, are both responsible for the great variety of vegetarian cooking found in Indian culture.

Despite the higher status given to a vegetarian diet, most modern Hindus are not vegetarian—a recent poll of urban Hindus found that only about 25 per cent were pure vegetarian, although the number may be higher in villages, which tend to be more traditional.

~Kiran Atma

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